First Session Nerves, Rock & Production Love

Well I know I have been a little behind and I am sorry! BUT.... I wanted to share with you all the awesome experience that was my first "official" studio session with an up and coming band call Iowa Park.

Well Friday morning rolls around and I am excited, anxious, nervous & stoked; as this was my first real studio session. Luckily I was working with the great Jeffery Armstreet, who worked with my band Castle Lights on our EP (that will be releasing this fall) & also is part of our backing team. Also working with Branden who is the guitarist from IP, which we had played shows and hung out a few times before that, so we had a great working environment set in place.

They were recording a 5 song EP, which Noah Coffelt laid drums on and Jeffrey played bass. So when I came in to work on guitars w/Branden we had a killer foundation or some would say playground, that allowed us to run around and create our own adventure on such a solid foundation.

After a full day of numerous guitars, amps, pedals, ideas & Arbys, it felt and sounded great!!! I cannot wait for you all to hear their EP, it is going to be fantastic! I threw a video snipet at the bottom, but that is all you get. ;)

Cheers - Love you all!



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