First Session Nerves, Rock & Production Love

Well I know I have been a little behind and I am sorry! BUT.... I wanted to share with you all the awesome experience that was my first "official" studio session with an up and coming band call Iowa Park.

Well Friday morning rolls around and I am excited, anxious, nervous & stoked; as this was my first real studio session. Luckily I was working with the great Jeffery Armstreet, who worked with my band Castle Lights on our EP (that will be releasing this fall) & also is part of our backing team. Also working with Branden who is the guitarist from IP, which we had played shows and hung out a few times before that, so we had a great working environment set in place.

They were recording a 5 song EP, which Noah Coffelt laid drums on and Jeffrey played bass. So when I came in to work on guitars w/Branden we had a killer foundation or some would say playground, that allowed us to run around and create our own adventure on such a solid foundation.

After a full day of numerous guitars, amps, pedals, ideas & Arbys, it felt and sounded great!!! I cannot wait for you all to hear their EP, it is going to be fantastic! I threw a video snipet at the bottom, but that is all you get. ;)

Cheers - Love you all!



Old Friends, Life & Hip-Hop

Well, as this being my first post of many I guess I should let you know a little about myself. I am a father, friend, musician, entrepreneur & traveler. There is nothing I love more than my family & close friends. Also I play in a band CastleLights(formerlyLightParade).

Ok.... So now that is out of the way, back to the original details of this post. I've been asked by numerous people what I have been doing, what my band has been doing etc... so I will do my best to fill you in (if you are interested :D). So the last couple of years have been crazy, more specifically the last year. I have been working on my new music endeavors and within the last year; signed contracts, recorded our first EP, co-wrote with some of my peers, played with a couple of my favorite bands & showcased at SXSW. Now mind you none of this would have been possible with-out my two best friends & band-mates Tyler & Aaron. We have been lucky enough to work with the best team in the world who have been the real reason why we have been lucky to be where we are at right now, that would be Magnolia Red (Kent Coley, Jeffery Armstreet, Katie Rentfro & our Road Manager Miah). They are the most incredible team and foundation that keeps us running.

We recently went through a couple of changes in the band, we have been known as LightParade since the beginning of the band but due to other bands with similar names we felt that it would be smart to change the name for the long-run. That is why we are now CastleLights. We also said goodbye to our friend and drummer Grady, as he has moved to Nashville, TN so that he could pursue his life long dream of being a professional studio drummer. He has been a big part of the band and will be missed, but we fully support him as we all have had childhood dreams and it's the brave few that actually pursue it with everything they have who have a chance. So in the mean-time we have been wondering who would play and fill in for us while we were looking and we were lucky enough to land on the great Mike Smith from my former bandLeeland to play! Mike and I started playing music together when I was 16 & have been good friends even before that, so I couldn't have been more excited to share the stage with him again.

Here enters the week of July 16th, Mike just got back into town and we had a few days to practice before our show at Deans on the 16th. Just to give you an idea of the little time we had, we all work full-time and had multiple meetings that week. So this was our first time playing the songs with Mike & with the first practice he absolutely killed it! So with a couple of practices under our belts we went into the show confidently nervous (yes this is possible) as with every show wanting to put on the best show possible for everyone that came out. Well after the other bands (Courrier / Language Room / Ill Pastel) finished, which all did great...midnight rolled around. Well being as we are still trying to get used to late shows, I still get tired. 12:25 we take the stage (which was about 5x5, so pretty much leaned on each other ;D) then realized we had bought the wrong chord for the tracks! So with that blow we all just decided that we would just rock it out! 1:20 rolls around and we say thank you and goodnight, Mike absolutely killed it and we had a blast. There were so many old friends and old faces that came out to see and support us which is always a great feeling (thank you!).

The night ended with hanging out with some close friends at a place that played allot of odd Hip-Hop, it wasn't even the kind that was catchy more of the kind that was funny. You know, the normal chicken noodle soup and a soda on the side (youtube this song, it will change your life. *jeremiah is not responsible for what this might do to your brain*) Then I crashed at Franks, Tiffs & Aarons house and I was being attacked by their kitten all night (below is a picture of this said kitten. *this picture has not been doctored or taken off of google*). Then the kitty forced me out at knife point early in the morning, which I wasn't mad at her for because I had to go pick up my ladies.

Thank you for reading my blog and hope you enjoyed it.

Cheers - Jer

P.S. - I saw Inception and will do a review this week! In the mean-time go see it!


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